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FORM established the Canning Stock Route Project in mid 2006 in order to share an intercultural and intergenerational story of community, collaboration and reconciliation. In 2008 the project’s collection of artworks and documentary materials were acquired and deemed a ‘national treasure’ by the National Museum of Australia. FORM and the Museum jointly produced the blockbuster exhibition Yiwarra Kuju: the Canning Stock Route, which launched in Canberra in 2010 and has since toured throughout Australia. The project has been a vast collaboration between over 250 Aboriginal participants, over 100 Aboriginal artists and elders, approximately 100 non-Indigenous contributors, and a cross-cultural project team of curators, filmmakers, photographers and cultural advisors.

CSR Project group members

Travis Kelleher
Rhianna Pezzaniti
Monique La Fontaine
Delwyn Everard
Mollie Hewitt
Ruth Leigh
Jenni Harrison
Jay Hollywood
Kelley Shanahan