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Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre


KALACC was established in 1984 “to assist and promote the ceremonies of Kimberley Aboriginal people, to encourage and strengthen their social, cultural and legal values and ensure their traditions a place in Australian society”. KALACC provides vital services for cultural groups across the Kimberley, runs the Yiriman Project and regularly stages much-loved regional cultural festivals that help to keep law and culture strong. KALACC has provided the CSR Project with ongoing support since 2007, assisting in the delivery of various cultural activities and providing invaluable cultural advice.

Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre group members

Travis Kelleher
Rhianna Pezzaniti
Monique La Fontaine
Delwyn Everard
Mollie Hewitt
Ruth Leigh
Jenni Harrison
Jay Hollywood
Mukurtu Admin