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Paruku Indigenous Protected Area


Paruku is the Walmajarri name for Lake Gregory, an area of great spiritual significance to traditional owners. Paruku IPA is not a conventional art centre; the recognition of Tjurabalan people’s native title rights led to the establishment of the IPA in 2001. Many of the Paruku IPA artists lived and worked on Billiluna station and have strong connections to the region’s droving history. Art work produced by the Paruku IPA is used to map the cultural and ecological values of Tjurabalan Country. The traditional owners of Paruku include the Walmajarri, Jaru and Kukatja peoples.

Paruku Indigenous Protected Area group members

Travis Kelleher
Rhianna Pezzaniti
Monique La Fontaine
Delwyn Everard
Mollie Hewitt
Ruth Leigh
Jenni Harrison
Jay Hollywood
Terra Thomas