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Warlayirti Artists


Located in Balgo, at the Canning Stock Route’s northern end, Warlayirti Artists is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal-owned and -governed art centres. The first exhibition of Balgo art, Art from the Great Sandy Desert, was mounted at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 1986. The exhibition’s success created the impetus to establish Warlayirti Artists in the following year. The organisation has since grown significantly, and the artists represented by Warlayirti are internationally renowned for their luminous canvases. Through its work, Warlayirti contributes significantly to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of the residents of Balgo, Billiluna and Mulan.

Warlayirti Artists group members

Travis Kelleher
Rhianna Pezzaniti
Monique La Fontaine
Delwyn Everard
Mollie Hewitt
Ruth Leigh
Jenni Harrison
Jay Hollywood
Terra Thomas