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Yulparija Artists


Yulparija Artists is based in Bidyadanga, 180 kilometres south of Broome, on the traditional land of the Karajarri people. The 1966 equal pay decision resulted in many stations evicting their Aboriginal workers. This is when many Yulparija people came to Bidyadanga, leaving their traditional Countries west of the stock route far behind. Motivated by a desire to pass on to their grandchildren their knowledge of their ancestral Country, the artists combine in their paintings an intimate knowledge of the desert with the rich colours of the salt-water Country. Yulparija Artists is represented by Short Street Gallery.

Yulparija Artists group members

Travis Kelleher
Rhianna Pezzaniti
Monique La Fontaine
Delwyn Everard
Mollie Hewitt
Ruth Leigh
Jenni Harrison
Jay Hollywood
Terra Thomas