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Charlie Wallabi (Walapayi) Tjungarrayi

Video Title: That long way I been travelling

Video Description: Award-winning Papunya Tula Artist Patrick Tjungurrayi returns to the Canning Stock Route for the first time in 50 years to paint the story of his journey pout of the desert along the stock route. In 1959 a mining survey team landed in a helicopter at Well 40, where Patrick and his extended family were still living traditionally. The survey team brought strange new food and took Patrick's sick younger brother with them to Balgo for medical attention. Patrick, and eventually the rest of the family followed the stock route north to Balgo in search of the boy who forever after would become known as Helicopter Tjungurrayi. Patrick and the members of his family trace their journey through the sites recorded in his painting, telling remarkable, hilarious and sometimes tragic stories stories of first contact experiences between Aboriginal people and the non-Indigenous people who appeared unexpectedly in their country.

Date created: 2010
People: Helicopter Joey Tjungurrayi, Nankatji Josephine Nangala, Kamara Brandy Tjungurrayi, Charlie Wallabi (Walapayi) Tjungarrayi, Kumpaya Girgaba (Yurla)
Art Centre(s): Warlayirti Artists, Papunya Tula Artists, CSR Project

Place of creation: Well 36, Kilykily, Wanda
Latitude/Longitude: -22.13954/125.28315

Director: Nicole Ma
Editor: Brandt Lee

Camera: Paul Elliott

Sound: Cam McGrath

Narrator: Patrick Olodoodi (Alatuti) Tjungurrayi
Translator: Putuparri Tom Lawford
Executive Producer: FORM

Rights: © Nicole Ma and FORM Canning Stock Route Project, 2008
Clip length: 0:09:38
Format: Video
Source: Exhibition Media/NICOLE MA MASTERS
Category: Video
Accession ID: 20130920_FORM_MIRA_B0023_0001

Provenance: This material is sourced from Ngurra Kuju Walyja — the Canning Stock Route Project, which was initiated in 2006 by FORM and developed in partnership with Birriliburu, Kayili, KALACC, Mangkaja, Martumili, Ngurra, Papunya Tula, Paruku IPA, Warlayirti and Yulparija artists and art centres.

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