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Lake Stetch


Artist(s): Eubena (Yupinya) Nampitjin, Wuntupayi Jane Gimme

Date created: 2007
Art Centre(s): Warlayirti Artists
Size: 184x122
Medium: acrylic on linen

Artwork Story: That waterhole I paint is my own Country.
Eubena (Yupinya) Nampitjin, Nyarna (Lake Stretch), 2007

In 2007 Jane travelled to the Country where her mother and older sisters had grown up. Eubena and Jane painted this canvas together at Kilykily (Well 36). It represents the rock holes and soaks connected to Jarntu.

Location depicted: Kinyu / Jarntu (Well 35)
Place of creation: Well 36
Latitude/Longitude: -22.13954/125.28315

Artwork copyright: ©2013 Eubena (Yupinya) Nampitjin, Wuntupayi Jane Gimme
Catalogue ID: EN/JG/47/WA
Protocols: Public Access - Restrictions on use

Photographer: Jason McCarthy
Photograph date: 2009-06-18
Photography copyright: National Museum of Australia
Format: Image
Category: Artwork

Artist(s) biography:
Eubena (Yupinya) Nampitjin
born about 1920, died 2013
Manyjilyjarra, Kukatja, Wangkajunga, Putijarra language groups
Nampitjin skin group
Balgo community
Warlayirti Artists
Eubena grew up around Jarntu and Nyirla. With her first husband, Gimme, she travelled north along the Canning Stock Route with the drovers. While raising their six daughters at Balgo mission, Eubena helped Gimme and a local priest compile a Kukatja-language dictionary. Eubena began a famous painting partnership with her second husband, Wimmitji Tjapangarti, and her paintings have inspired the work of many other members of her extended desert family.

Wuntupayi Jane Gimme 
born 1958
Kukatja language group
Nungurrayi skin group
Balgo community
Warlayirti Artists
Born at Tjumuntura, near the old Balgo mission, Jane is the eldest of Eubena (Yupinya) Nampitjin’s surviving daughters. Jane learned from her mother the stories of her Country and the ways of painting it. She is an active artist in her own right and more than once has been elected chairperson of Warlayirti Artists. 

Accession ID: 20131011_FORM_MIRA_B0044_0041

Provenance: This material is sourced from Ngurra Kuju Walyja — the Canning Stock Route Project, which was initiated in 2006 by FORM and developed in partnership with Birriliburu, Kayili, KALACC, Mangkaja, Martumili, Ngurra, Papunya Tula, Paruku IPA, Warlayirti and Yulparija artists and art centres.

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